Scheduling & Time Management

 ever-student-iconEverStudent - Manage academic tasks & assignments and sync them into Evernote. Organize tasks and assignments by class; color codes to organize and filter assignments; add instructor contact info and other notes; group classes by semesters or terms. Free Android application.


homework-iconHomeWork - Keep track of your homework and schedule. List classes, homework, exams, keep track of grades; sort by date. Free Android application.

min-to-go-iconMinutes to Go - Easy to use alarm and countdown timer; pause and resume timers. Can create custom messages to appear when timer goes off. $0.99 Apple application.

my-class-schedule-iconMy Class Schedule - Keep informed about upcoming classes, reminds you of exams and unfinished homework; class and homework scheduler; track grades, color coding. $1.99 version with no ads or free version with ads Android applications.

my-homework-iconmyHomework - Track your classes, homework, tests & more. Homework Tracker, Homework Widget, Class Schedule, Homework Calendar; free app works on local device, with account, can synchronize data across any internet capable device. Free Android application, Apple application and Amazon application.

stay-on-task-iconStayOnTask - A simple, unintrusive way to improve your focus and get your work done. A random timer means you can't predict when it will check on you. Perfect for anyone who needs to stay focused while doing independent work. Free Android application

time-for-school-iconTime for School - Keep track of you school schedule. Notifications tell you when and where your next class starts. Dynamic alarm clock wakes you up at the right time according to you schedule, alerts to prior to each class. $1.49 version with no ads or free version with ads Android applications.

timer-iconTimer+ - Countdown timer; allows multiple timers to run at once; able to save timers, and pause and resume timer; app does not need to be running for timers to run; on iPhone - phone call interrupts timer - better for iPad. Free Apple application.